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Field Service Technician

in Engineering and Technical


Ottawa, Ontario

Job Description

  • This is a support level position requiring a thorough knowledge of the installation, maintenance, and repair of telecommunications related systems and/or equipment, gained through formal education or from considerable and varied experience in working with the installation, service activation, maintenance, and repair of telecommunication systems and devices.
  • Repair and test telecommunications and networking related systems and equipment; operate related tools and equipment; install and operate related computer systems; troubleshoot and repair microprocessor based control and communication equipment; diagnose electronic failures to the component level; read schematic diagrams and interpret electrical codes and regulations; maintain accurate records and prepare reports
  • Responsible for the installation, repair, configuration and preventative maintenance of personal computers, network equipment, and/or telecommunications equipment.
  • Answers internal and external customer inquiries and troubleshoots software and hardware failures either in person or remotely by such means as by E-mail, phone or remote access.
  • Maintains records on repairs, down time, changes and updates.
  • Ability to present and transfer knowledge to customers with training aides and prepared documentation.
  • Implement IP network management COTS solutions on Windows and Linux virtual servers running within a VMWare environment.
  • Perform level 1 & 2 troubleshooting and diagnostics on multiple products
  • Serve as the point of contact for unresolved problems from the Help Desk.
  • Install hardware and software, including operating system and proprietary applications.


COMPENSATION: To Be Negotiated


LENGTH: Long Term Contract 

Required Skills

  • Minimum 2 years of experience working with the following tools/equipment:
    • Cable connectors and replacements, including RJ-11, RJ-21, RJ-45, RJ-48, DB-25, V.35
    • Telecommunication installation of Fiber optics, Data Network topology, 4 wire analog circuits, T1 & E1
    • IP networking: layer 2 and 3 switches, routers, SIP and VoIP protocols
    • T1 Testing Specifications, DS3 Testing, Digital Testing (BERT), and Analog VG Testing
    • Ameritech AM8a, Sage 935, Digital O-scope, Halcyon 704A, Para-scope “test sets or equivalent
    • Implement software changes (Upload, Download & SW Regression), installing new software and hardware into various devices
    • Setting configurations on networking equipment, such as Cisco routers


Expiry Date

Friday, May 19, 2017

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